Marmalade Park Contact Lenses
Marmalade Park Contact Lenses

Marmalade Park Contact Lenses

Take Care

Please ensure that you read through all of our instructions before attempting to wear your new Marmalade Park contact lenses.

By following our simple instructions you will get the most from your new look.

Preparing to wear:

Marmalade Park Contact LensesHygiene is an essential part of preparation.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesAlways wash and dry your hands thoroughly, removing traces of anything that could cause contamination or damage, before handling.

Wearing the contacts:

Marmalade Park Contact LensesRemove the contact lens from its packaging and place yourself in front of a mirror.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesPlace the contact lens on your index finger and check that the lens is clean and not inside out by ensuring it has a natural bowl like shape.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesHold your upper lid open using your left handís index and middle finger, whilst at the same time holding your lower lid open with your right hands middle finger. Looking straight at your eye in the mirror, slowly and gently place the lens in you eye.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesCarefully release your eyelids and blink.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesYou can gently massage your eyelid to centre the accessory.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesWhen you are completely sure that the lens has been correctly inserted repeat these steps for the other eye.

Removing the contacts:

Marmalade Park Contact LensesWash and dry your hands thoroughly.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesLook upwards and hold down the lower lid using the middle finger of your right hand. Then placing your index finger and thumb of the same hand on opposite sides of the lens, slowly slide it down to the white of your eye. Gently pinch the accessory for your eye, be careful not too pinch too hard.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesRepeat for the other eye.


Marmalade Park Contact LensesBefore you wear your contact lenses you must insure you have a contact lens case & soft contact lens solution to store your lenses in.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesMarmalade Park contact lenses are intended for 3 months use only. If you wear your contactís infrequently ensure you replace the solution used for fresh solution everyday.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesPlease note Marmalade Parkís contact lenses are not intended to correct any defect of sight and are only for cosmetic eye colour change.

Marmalade Park Contact LensesIf you suffer from any of the following, then you MUST NOT wear Marmalade Park contact lenses:
  • Corneal dystrophies
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Inflammation of the cornea, e.g. keratitis
  • Inflammation of the eye, e.g. iritis, uveitis
  • Allergic eye conditions
  • Any pre-existing eye condition
Marmalade ParkIf you are in any doubt or have any questions or concerns regarding this information please seek advice from your medical or eyecare practitioner.


DO NOT wear your contact lenses if they appear damaged at all.

DO NOT share your contact lenses with anyone else.

DO NOT allow any cosmetic aerosol to come into contact with your lens.

DO NOT participate in any water sports whilst wearing your contacts.

ALWAYS remove your contact lenses before going to bed.

ALWAYS put your contact lenses in before applying make-up.

ALWAYS take your contact lenses out before removing any make-up.

ALWAYS remove your contact lenses immediatly if your eyes begin to get red, irritated or cause you any discomfort or pain and seek help from a qualified practicioner.

Marmalade Park Contact Lenses

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