Marmalade Park Contact Lenses
Marmalade Park Contact Lenses

Dear Customer, thank you for visiting the web site for "Marmalade Park". Please be aware that this web site is for a shop called "Marmalade Park", it is not the web site for Fantasia body piercing which is also in side Market Village. Fantasia do not have a web site. Many Thanks Sam of Marmalade Park

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Welcome to Marmalade Park

Hi, Please let me introduce myself. My name is Samantha and I have been based in Stratford (East London) as a body piercer in my shop, Marmalade Park since 1981. I do not tattoo, I only pierce, my whole day is focused on piercing and it shows! Any questions you need answered about anything I have pierced for you is not a problem. I enjoy my job and have vast experience in what I do , if you have a picture of a piercing or an idea then please do pop in and I can explain fully the procedure, how quick it can be done , what jewellery will be the best for that particular piercing, and if it is possible (I do some strange requests, which is fine! ).

Questions you may ask:

Worried about the pain?
I numb 95% of all the piercings that I do, there are two different anaesthesia's that we use and they both help to make the experience of being pierced that bit more comfortable!

How long will it take?
Once the anaesthesia has kicked in, which takes about 2-3 minutes. The actual piercing takes 2-3 seconds of actual pressure and then the piercing is complete (I am quick!) .

What happens next?
Each piercing is accompanied with an after care sheet explaining what to do next and how to care for your new addition to your body.

While the piercing is being done I run through general hint an tips on what to expect from that particular piercing, and what to be aware of to take the best care of your new titanium friend Implanted in your dermis. Hope you like my gallery, don't worry as I mentioned before 95% of these are numbed! This just a small fraction of the work that I have done, and what other piercings are available, to see a lot more unusual and different designs please do pop into the studio and see a bigger gallery covering the walls in A4 colour photos from the ceiling to the floor! And also two cabinets of the best jewellery for you!

Hope to see you soon Sam

Health authority registered with the same piercer since 1981.

bottom curves

Price List

Surface Tragus * £20.00
Navel * £20.00
Nipple * £20.00
Nape * £20.00
Tongue * £20.00
Smiley * £20.00
Webb * £20.00
Forward Helix * £20.00
Conch * £20.00
Tregus * £20.00
Snug * £20.00
Diath * £20.00
Cleavage * £20.00
Nose * £20.00
Dermals * £30 / 2 for £55
Snake eye * £20
Ear / Helix Piercing with Gun 1 x £10 / 2 x £15

Health Authority Registered with the same piercer Sam Brooks since 1981.

Piercings marked with an asterix can be numbed for an extra cost of £5 if required.

All prices are inclusive of Jewellery.

No appointment necessary

Any further questions or comments you may have, please ask for Sam (female) 07976 205 117, shop landline 0208 555 7778

This is a small selection of piercings available, please just ask.

Over 16 years of age, ID will be required

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